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Principles of Real Estate I

Salesperson Annual Education (SAE)

This is an SAE Course Course Description: This course provides an introduction to real estate and all aspects of a real estate transaction. It explains the Texas Real Estate Commission, its role and function, licensing requirements for both salespersons and brokers, as well as disciplinary processes. Further, it explores The Real Estate License Act and duties required of fiduciary agents. Principles I defines what distinguishes real and personal property, land measurements, and types of property. Likewise, it describes types of estates, how property ownership is held, and how title is acquired and transferred. Additionally, it reviews lease agreements, processes, and eviction. The course provides the fundamental concepts necessary upon which to build a body of real estate knowledge. Course number 0121 Hours 30 POC: Patrick Purifoy BP School of Real Estate Email: Phone: 254-833-9639

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